[Infographic] The Western Part of the Rhodope Mountains

Do you know the mythical singer Orpheus?

According to a most famous legend he was born in the Rhodope Mountains. His magical music was so captivating that he was able to enchant both – people and animals. Even now, you can feel the mythical atmosphere there.

Once you go in this part of Bulgaria, falling in love with nature is guaranteed. And, no, I am not telling this just because my hometown is there. You can be a part of the Bulgarian traditions, history, and legends, you can try the traditional food, you can meet people with incredible stories, and last but not least, you can do a lot of sports there.

This infographic is here with the mission to popularize the 50 most famous places to visit and things to do in the Rhodope Mountains. They are not the only ones for sure, but they are something you can start from.


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