The Street Art and the Street Cat

Last week I visited Veliko Tarnovo during my vacation. This was my first time there. I know, I know. I fixed my mistake.

The beauty and the spirit of the town can’t be described. You just have to go there to feel it. Every small street, every building is filled with history.

But hey, I’ll stop here because there are no words who can help to describe the atmosphere. You just have to visit the town to understand.

This article will be for a different part of the town – the street art and the street cats. Yes, you got it right. 😊

Let me start with the CATS 😍 . These adorable fluffy balls were everywhere around the old town. (And, yes, they give you to scratch their bellies.) So, I took Alex’s camera and started taking photos of them. In the end, I had more than 20 pictures filled with love and sweetness that I decided to share with you.

Are you ready?

Let’s get started…

I know, I am already in love too.

Decided to name every picture because look at the – aren’t they looking as they will start to talk any moment? 🙂

During our walk across the streets of the old town of Veliko Tarnovo, I also was able to shoot some of the street art (which, in my opinion, was amazing). The illustrations were everywhere – on the trash cans, on the walls, on the electric boxes, on the garage doors.

Now I wonder what these little mischievous balls of fur are doing now. I wanted to take all of them at home but Alex said ‘No’. So, thanks, Alex, you are responsible for my suffering.

Little kittens – I’ll be back for you.

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